Agricultural machinery

What type of machine do you need?


Agrimatco, as a unique multinational company in the field of representation and distribution, within the agricultural machinery sector, is committed primarily to professional solutions. In its sales program it represents and distributes the following renowned companies: MONOSEM- precision pneumatic sowing machines, JACTO- sprayers, RAUCH-spreaders of mineral fertilizers, TECNOMA-sprayers, CHECCHI and MAGLI vegetable planters, SKY AGRICULTURE grain seeders for reduced tillage systems, FARMTRAC-tractors.


In its production program, MONOSEM includes machines for precise sowing of root crops, precise sowing of vegetable crops, inter-row cultivation as well as systems for precise dosing of granular mineral fertilizers.


JACTO is the largest sprayer factory in the world located in Brazil. With its production program, it covers a complete range of machines for the protection of field crops, long-term plantations as well as small hobby solutions. JACTO is traditionally associated with Japan, and as such has a perfect approach in every segment of production as well as the use of its machines.


RAUCH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of mineral fertilizer spreaders as well as salt spreaders. RAUCH is one of the few companies that invests in the constant development of its products, with its precise EMC systems as well as SPEED SERVOS is completely different from others. RAUCH products guarantee the highest precision, speed and maximum operating comfort.


ESCORTS LTD. The manufacturer of Farmtrac tractors began production in 1961, and since then, using his own experience and expertise, he has made a significant impact on agricultural production around the world. FARMTRAC tractors are economical, reliable and perfect for all work. Available in the power range of 20-130 hp.


TECNOMA was founded in 1952 in order to bring practical solutions in plant protection closer to professional agricultural producers. Since then, the company has discovered several innovative solutions, which continue to this day. In its production program, TECNOMA has self-propelled, towed and mounted field sprayers, as well as atomizers for fruit growing and viticulture.

Checks & Mists

The company CHECCHI AND MAGLI was founded back in 1976 in Budri, Italy. The long-term experience and tradition of this company are reflected primarily in the production of planting machines (planters) for vegetables, tobacco and other crops. The product range also includes potato planters, extractors and vibro extractors, through machines for forming banks and placing foils for growing on mulch foil (strawberries, watermelons, melons, etc.)

SKY Agriculture

The SKY Agriculture brand was created as a result of the joint work of farmers and manufacturers of agricultural machinery. It was presented as a new brand at the SIMA fair in Paris in 2013. In a short time, SKY seeders have achieved outstanding results in the domestic market in France, and are now increasingly represented in many countries around the world.