Plant nutrition

Agrimatco LLC is a representative of the world's largest producers of mineral, organic and special fertilizers. Yara, Cosmocel, DRT, Alba MilAgro, Simonis Fertilizer, Tessenderlo

Why are precision plant nutrition technologies good?

As people need vitamins and minerals to develop, grow and be healthy, so do plants. Agricultural production is becoming more and more intensive, the lands are becoming more and more depleted, so it is necessary to replenish the nutrients in it. Modern precise cultivation technologies enable the application of optimal combinations of different elements depending on: - chemical composition of the soil - type of crop grown - stages of plant development - occurrence of unfavorable external factors. With balanced and efficient plant nutrition: - financial resources are saved - environment is preserved - obtained are high and quality yields that bring high profits.


Yara is the world's largest producer of ammonia and nitrates for use in agriculture, as well as complex mineral fertilizers. It offers complete plant nutrition technologies at all stages of agricultural production. It was founded in Norway in 1905. It has offices in 50 countries and sells its products in 150 countries around the world.


Cosmocel is a company that produces special organo-mineral fertilizers, the most famous of which are the most widely used: Bioplex, Rotex, Trazex and H-85


The Novalon line is a water-soluble fertilizer that dissolves quickly and completely in water. It is used in irrigation systems or foliar in all developmental stages of plants. It contains high and balanced amounts of macro and trace elements such as B, Mo and chelated Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn in ideal proportions. The product does not contain insoluble and phytotoxic ingredients.


MilAgro is an Italian company that produces special liquid fertilizers that can be applied both foliar and in the drip irrigation system.

Simonis Fertilizer

Simonis Fertilizer is a Dutch company that has a wide range of high-quality products for use in agriculture, horticulture and floriculture. We use two very useful and interesting products.


Tessenderlo is a 100-year-old multinational company based in Belgium. From its wide range of mineral fertilizers, we use two types of potassium sulfate: granular and water-soluble.


Jiffy is a multinational company based in the Netherlands, which produces substrates of various categories and formulations for use in vegetables and floriculture.


GreenTerra is a Latvian company that produces a wide range of substrates for a variety of purposes.