Veterinary Medicine

Agrimatco Ltd. is a representative of five manufacturers of veterinary drugs: Cenavisa S.L. (Spain), TREI (Italy), AniMedica (Germany) and Invesa (Spain). In addition to veterinary medicines, we also import salt blocks (supplement to the diet of domestic animals) from the renowned manufacturer Salt Specialties (Akzo Nobel) from the Netherlands.

With healthy and strong livestock to quality products

Quality products of animal origin: meat, dairy products, wool and leather, can be obtained only if we have a healthy and strong livestock. The health and quality of livestock are affected by genetics, care, nutrition and the environment. In order to obtain a healthy and strong livestock fund, the focus of livestock breeding should be focused on the prevention, timely detection, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, as well as proper nutrition and care. Only healthy and strong animals reach their full production potential. That is why it is extremely important to use quality, safe and effective medicines and supplements. Veterinary medicines from our offer contain pharmacological substances that are in accordance with strict European GMP rules (Good Manufacturing Practice), and are also registered with the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Serbia and are in the National Register of Veterinary Medicines. For each imported batch of medicine, we have a Certificate as proof of quality and safety.

KNZ mineral blokovi

KNZ are mineral blocks (lollipops) very suitable for supplementing and balancing the diet of domestic animals. Through various balanced formulations of macro and trace elements, vitamins and special supplements we provide efficient solutions for all stages of production.


Wide range drugs for the treatment of all types of domestic animals.


Vitamin-mineral products with the addition of vegetable oils as well as vitamins with amino acids.


Using inoculants to boost useful fermentation and better storage of silage can help you get even better feed for your animals from well-prepared silage.


Products for disinfection of surfaces and equipment in accommodation and transport facilities for animals on farms and in veterinary surgeries.