Irrigation and foils

Irrigation systems, accessories, foils for greenhouses, shade nets

Irrigation systems

It is obvious that lately, due to longer and stronger droughts, which sometimes represent a real natural disaster, those producers who have invested in irrigation systems on time, are profiting. Whoever cannot provide water for his fruits and vegetables, in greenhouses and in the open field, is lagging behind the others in the beginning. What is a good irrigation system? One that saves water and energy, and that gives stable and safe production. Before investing in an irrigation system, it is necessary to analyze and calculate several parameters: what is the mechanical and chemical composition of the soil, what is the amount and distribution of natural precipitation, what is the configuration and orientation of the land lot, what is the demand of plants for water and how can fertilization and protection can be done through the system. Our expert team will help you both when installing a new system and while maintaining an existing one.

Irrigation equipment

Everything that is necessary for drip irrigation.

“Complete solution” for irrigation systems

As representatives of PIPELIFE - one of the world leaders in the production of pipe systems, we offer complete solutions and services for irrigation systems.

Nets and bags

Wide range of netting for shading, baling as well as raschel packing bags.


Large selection of foils for greenhouses, mulch foils for strawberry and seedling production as well as foils for baling.


Product for protection of crops from frost and large temperature differences